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  • Mexican food facts!

    Mexican food has a rich, traditional history dating back hundreds of years. Check out some of their “bet you didn’t know that...” Mexican food facts!

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    Back in the old days tortillas were actually canned. This was quite prevalent back in the 1940's up to the 1980's. However, now-a-days you can no longer find these creations on the shelves of your local supermarket, no matter how hard you try.

  • Mexican food facts!

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    Fajitas were actually brought to prominence by Ninfa Rodriguez Laurenzo, who coined her restaurant after her first name, Ninfa's. The dish was simply appealing that even other Mexican restaurants were out to steal her special recipe by sending spies to her restaurant.

  • Mexican food facts!

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    Mexican food is actually quite healthy. It is what many consider to be the perfect blend of all food groups, being filled with healthy nutrients and are also low in fat and caloric content.

  • Mexican food facts!

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    Every region in Mexico has their official brand of food. In the Northern area, meat dishes are quite popular, whereas chicken and vegetables are predominant in the Southern area of Mexico.

  • Mexican food facts!

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    Mexican food underwent quite the evolution ever since the arrival of the Spaniards back in the day. They brought with them new ideas, ingredients and cooking methods, which have then been incorporated by the previous and current generations of Mexicans. However, one popular ingredient among many of these dishes is Chili.